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Established for black, brown, and light skinned people or (mochabees) for vetting and promoting sources that stream video content in reference to black history.


Our concern Is the validity of content, time committed, and budgets committed.  In other words, we are looking for" Who's Who Among Truth Tellers."

We recommend a subscription to their services, so that families have reliable sources while discovering black history.  We seek companies who have earned a reputation for historically reporting the truth.

According to

The Truth: relying on scientific or historical data, that has been tested or proven, also labeled by Experts as:


Vetted & Recommended companies to date,

with on demand services :

History Channel

Public Broadcasting Service

National Geographic

Home Town History

And Other Vetted Broadcasters

ON DEMAND SERVICES: access to an online video library that is available anytime you request it.

A video encyclopedia.

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the website.

Thank You For Your Support.

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